Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number

I turn 30 in just over 9 months time. I honestly cannot believe how fast my 20s went. I remember being a teenager and desperately wanting to turn 20 and put all the “teenage drama” behind me. There were so many ups and downs, much similar to a roller coaster. I just knew that once I moved past the age of 19 and turned 20, everything will change and it certainly did. I felt a brand new confidence on my 20th birthday, where I was competing on tour in Bundaberg, Australia and on my favourite surface – clay. I had just returned from a European clay court tour and I felt like I finally found my way in the sport.

I was browsing LinkedIn for some daily inspiration and I came across this article written by Business Insider. It’s certainly worth the read.

17 Things to Start Doing in Your 20s So You Don’t Live in Regret in Your 40s

I now look back at my 20s and I can confidently say that I have lived by these tips, however I can improve in many areas. I feel as though over the past 4 years or so, I lost the tremendous confidence that I had in my early 20s. There have been multiple factors of course, however the worst part of that was the negative impact it had on my personal life. The saying “everything that goes up, must come down” certainly hit home hard in my case.

After reading this article, I feel as though it could act as a blueprint towards a happier and healthier life for me and I’ll certainly be mindful of these tips over the next decade of my life, irrespective of my age. I hope that it has a similarly impact on you too.


My Deloitte Journey Begins…

In 2017, I graduate with a bachelors degree in business and commerce from Western Sydney University and begin a new journey as a graduate in one of the big four accounting firms in the world – Deloitte. I am both excited and humbled by this opportunity and will endeavour to bring forth the same energy and enthusiasm towards this role as I have done in each of my roles in the past. In addition, I will continue mentoring and coaching junior tennis players and hope that I can continue to connect with professionals who can inspire and support both my students and myself to become all we can be! – Originally posted on 20 January 2017

I began my role as a graduate at the accounting firm in March 2017. I can recall being so excited about this opportunity ever since I was accepted into the program over 1 year ago! Has it really been that long? Wow

I feel as though it is only appropriate to reflect on this new chapter in my life, having been with the firm for three months, by commenting on what I believe are the challenges, positives and negatives of this role going forward into the future.


  • The inability to predict my workload
  • Not being my own boss


  • Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per day
  • Ensuring that I can continue to mentor and coach junior tennis players and adults throughout the week
  • Being social (since I am an introvert, naturally)


  • The ability to work amongst likeminded individuals
  • Making an impact that matters
  • Learning new skills on a daily basis

It’s quite clear to see, just from my quick reflection on my experience at Deloitte thus far, that there is no perfect role, situation or environment. That goes for both your work and personal life. We will always face challenges and have experiences that are both positive and negative.

In my opinion, the way to keep winning at life is to learn from the negatives, embrace the positives and face the challenges. There really is nowhere to hide from them because they are the recurring themes in everything we do. I will keep you all posted 🙂

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