Nepean Easter Open

This time of year is very exciting for my players and myself as their coach and mentor. It’s about putting all of our hard work from the beginning of the year to the test by competing in tournament conditions. I have always said that the only way to truly gauge your improvement as a player is by doing training blocks and competing at tournament level. It is a constant process of trial and error.

Many of my students will be competing this weekend at the Nepean Easter Open, which is excellent for them. I have had a very different journey with each of my players. No two players are ever the same and can be coached the same way. There has been a unique process for each of them, whereby the goals have ranged from improving footwork, to court awareness, strategy, strength and conditioning and recovery post-competition.

I’m looking forward to watching and supporting my players which include James Chen, Jordan Chen, Jayden Chen and Sonia Joudo.

Track their progress throughout the tournament here: 2018 Nepean Easter Open Draws


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