4th Year Anniversary at Premier Tennis Academy

I remember setting a few goals in early 2017, which were to graduate from university, network with other professionals and continue coaching and mentoring my students at Premier Tennis Academy. I did exactly that 🙂

In 2017, I graduated from university, gained new skills and networks whilst working at Deloitte as a graduate accountant and continued working in my role as a tennis coach at Premier Tennis Academy. It was a very busy year indeed!

I feel extremely fortunate to have had such a strong relationship with the owner and team at Premier Tennis Academy, particularly during a time of transition post-university. It truly was my saving grace on many occasions during the past year. My respect and admiration for the team grew and I feel very proud to be a part of the team at Premier Tennis Academy. Our key performance indicators are always about our actions towards building and maintaining strong relationships, which I advocate in my daily life.

In Year 4, I will be keen to spend more time on court and travelling throughout NSW with my players as they compete on the junior tour. I will also be working harder to build my networks within this sport and follow my passion for this game. It will be another amazing year!


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