Every Cause Has An Effect

I have come across many students who tell me that they struggle with confidence, belief and nerves on match day.

“I play so well during training but don’t know what happens to me during matches”

This thought pattern is very common and often occurs when someone is extremely result and outcome focused. By thinking this way, you limit yourself. It’s very important to simply compete against your opponent. The result of a single match will not be your greatest achievement. The many trials and errors you make in your life and your personal growth is what counts in the end. Every match is simply one small piece of that puzzle.

I have personally struggled with debilitating self-doubt in moments that counted. This lead to lost opportunities and a lot of disappointment but I never gave up on myself. I knew my life had purpose. I just needed to understand why I lost those opportunities. Only then I would be able to make the necessary changes to take hold of the next opportunity that comes my way. I needed to admit my faults in order to grow.

Through my experiences, I have learnt that all we can do in life is wake up everyday, get organised, be prepared and determined to give it your all irrespective of the outcome. That’s all there is to it 🙂