2017 Nepean Summer Junior Open

What a tournament! Everyone was pushed beyond their limits this week. I feel like the parents and players learnt so much more about the reality of tour life this week than any other week. I had players experiencing how to commute to and from events on their own, multiple withdrawals, changes in the draw, extreme heat that enforced the heat rule which delayed matches for hours, shortened match formats, cancellation of consolation events and competing in twilight matches.

It’s an experience that teaches players, parents, family, spectators, sponsors etc that sport is not just about the technical elements which we seem to critique all to often in my opinion. The physical, mental and tactical capabilities of your player are what set them apart from the rest of the crop because these conditions will arise at almost every tournament. I always try to make my students aware of these challenges during our lessons and what they can do to overcome them if they arise.

Michael Zhang reached the QF of the singles and SF of the doubles 16/under events, which was his best result since we began our partnership. His hard work is paying off and if Michael continues to apply himself on court, these types of results will surely come his way more often in 2017.

Rahul Desai had another great week, backing up his win at the 2016 Gosford Junior Silver 14/under event with a QF singles appearance and winning the doubles event in the 16/under age group. Rahul has only just begun competing in an age group above his own and for him to make that transition as well as he has, is a testament to his patience and focus on steady progressions as opposed to one giant leap.

He Chuan Tee has been varying the age groups he competes in over the past month and competed in an age group above his own this week, the 16/under events. It’s an important learning curve for him and hopefully some of the tough matches he has had this week can inspire him to take his game to the next level. He reached round 3 in the singles and QF of the doubles. Great effort from all boys this week!

And the summer season continues….

Take a look at their journey throughout the tournament here: 2017 Nepean Summer Junior Open Tournament Draws