Breaking Bad

I would like to say that this post is in some way related to the hit US TV series Breaking Bad, but sadly it has nothing to do with it. I’m sorry to all of you out there who thought otherwise lol.

This post does however have something to do with breaking bad and creating good. Have you heard of the saying ‘you are what you repeat?’ I believe that your habits in everyday life, at home, in public or at work, will define you as a person.

So how do we break bad habits and begin to form good habits in these areas? I have listed a few tips below which can help you do so:

  1. Get still. It is so important to reflect on your experiences, both positive and negative, almost everyday. If you are not doing around 15 minutes of reflection, then you may be missing out on vital signs or opportunities in all aspects of your life. Ask yourself questions like ‘what did I learn today?’ or ‘what are the successful people around me doing?’ or ‘do I need to make any adjustments to my routine?’
  2. Be silent. I often find that as a coach and perhaps this may go for someone who is in a similar role, that I struggle to stop teaching and give direction to others. If you are in the same boat, remember that it is not always what you say to someone that can trigger change or make an impact, but non-verbal communication can be just as powerful, if not more!
  3. Listen to feedback. Apparently there’s no such thing as bad press, well, that is the mentality of many celebrity agents. I will say that there is no such thing as bad feedback. In this day and age, feedback doesn’t come cheap and it isn’t given often so you better keep your eyes and ears open for it because performance management is not something you should only consider or be prepared for when its time to have your annual review. Performance management is your own responsibility and no one else’s, so look for any opportunity to receive feedback and seek advice.
  4. There is no room for stagnation in your life. Albert Einstein said that it is madness to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. The man has a point. I don’t believe that people are meant to be doing the same thing over and over again for numerous years if they aren’t succeeding. Something has gotta give. Even when you are exceptional at what you do, you need to relish in learning more and perfecting your craft, because nothing lasts forever.
  5. Make goals. Write daily goals or tasks that you would like to achieve and check off each one you achieve. This simple task is a very healthy habit to have as it allows you to have a clear mind as to what your purpose for each day will be. In addition to your daily goals, you should set aside monthly and yearly goals so that you stay focused and driven toward achievement at all times.

If you can apply the above 5 tips into your daily life, I can assure you that you will be breaking bad and creating good.