I have come to realise that the most important thing that needs to always remain constant in anyone’s life, is peace of mind. We can all have numerous goals and work hard towards achieving what we desire, but without that piece of mind, the journey of life will not be sweet. Some of the most exciting people and opportunities may come your way and you will not realise that if you are not at peace with yourself.

I have had a lot of success during 2016, firstly as a tennis coach, student, within my family and personal life. It has taken some time to truly appreciate the wonderful gifts that I have received this year and that is mostly due to my lack of reflection. Today was the first day I had truly reflected on this past year and it felt like a natural cleansing of my soul.

I urge every single person who is reading this post to take some time to reflect. Take a moment to be alone and reflect on some past experiences, without any distractions. I spent an entire morning meditating. I have spent my afternoon writing (this post is an example of that). I will spend the remainder of the day reading some of my favourite poems. I will spend the evening listening to music. One full day of reflection every now and then gives you all the answers to your own questions. Give it a go 🙂



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