Face Your Fears

My greatest piece of advice that I could give anyone, especially a younger athlete, is to face their fears. There is no way you can succeed at anything you set your mind to if you are afraid.

I used to be afraid that by my mid-twenties I wouldn’t acquire any other skill than playing the game of tennis. I used to be afraid of becoming a tennis coach, in the sense that it was what someone did if they couldn’t become a great competitor themselves. I used to be afraid that I would never play tennis at a grand slam level. I had absolutely no perspective growing up. I lived in a bubble. It was a world that only revolved around a tennis racket, court, ball, fitness routine and eating plan. Everything else was either taken care of, or was apparently none my business.

The funny thing is that I have lived through all of my past fears in life and realised that I survived through them all. Some of those fears I proactively attempted to face and others just happened spontaneously, nonetheless, I am now fearless and stronger than ever. By placing yourself in a position to face your fears, that fear becomes obsolete in your mind and you are then able to live life to the fullest and excel! Go on, what are you waiting for? 🙂



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