2016 Queen’s Birthday Weekend

The Queen’s birthday weekend is always an exciting one in the tournament calendar, with so many events being hosted throughout the metropolitan and regional tennis centres in Australia. I had a few students competing in the regional centres in New South Wales this weekend and it’s certainly been a great experience for them.

One of my students He Chuan Tee recorded a 14/under singles and doubles victory at 2016 Springwood Junior Championships. This is the first time he has recorded a tournament double and as his coach of 8 months, I am so proud of his efforts and level of discipline which has led to this achievement. Congratulations He Chuan!

Rahul Desai recorded convincing wins at the 2016 Wollongong Queen’s Birthday Junior Championships, reaching the QF of the singles event, losing to the eventual winner. This was another great effort from him this week as he is continuing to challenge himself and compete against players with more experience and strength, so it’s all about patience for Rahul at this stage.

The latest addition to my line up of students is Michael Zhang. He has come to me in search of a more aggressive style of play and is making great progress and being very proactive about his tennis. He lost to He Chuan Tee at the 2016 Springwood Junior Championships, which was the first tournament he has played since our partnership. He Chuan was also the eventual winner of the event so it has been a great learning experience for both Michael having to face a tough loss, but he can certainly learn from this type of experience.

I look forward to being a part of their journey and continued progress in this sport!

Take a look at their journey throughout the singles and doubles events here:

2016 Springwood Junior Championships

2016 Wollongong Queen’s Birthday Junior Championships