Courage on the court

This is such a wonderful article which highlights the level of courage that a tennis player has, regardless of their playing level. It is often disputed that there are players who are mentally tougher than others, but I disagree with that because if you can accept the challenge of competition, winning and losing, then that’s toughness right there! I loved reading about the mental process that Patrick Rafter, Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic had to go through when sticking by their game or working on their weaknesses in order to reach the pinnacle of the sport! Thanks for the article Joel 🙂

Tennis Talk


It takes courage to become a great tennis player. In fact it takes courage to become even a decent player. Whether you are a stone cold beginner or a top 10 pro, every player knows what it feels like to be afraid to fail. To be afraid to lose a match, afraid to lose your sponsors, afraid of embarrassing yourself in a group clinic, afraid to hit the ball over the fence attempting topspin or even of missing the ball completely. Tennis is a difficult sport and there are so many shots to master (or attempt to). I want to discuss the concept of courage in tennis and its role in developing your game.

Courage: “Taking action despite a fear of failure”

Recently I have had the opportunity to watch some of my students play competitive matches without them knowing. It is always interesting as a tennis coach seeing the difference…

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