2016 Forster Junior Open

It is tournament season for the Australian juniors and during this time there are many challenges that a player faces. Some of these challenges include staying fit, healthy, not peaking too soon, recovery, emotional and mental well being. If a player can focus on the small gains after each match, they will be very impressed with themselves at the end of that tour.

One of my students Rahul Desai is in that phase at present and currently playing above his age group consistently for the first time this year. He has played some great tennis, taking his momentum from a great performance at 2016 Nepean Easter Junior Open the week prior and recorded a double victory in Forster, taking out both the 14/under singles and doubles titles. Congratulations Rahul! This is such a rare occasion in tennis and it ought to be celebrated! 🙂

Take a look at their journey throughout the singles and doubles events here: 2016 Forster Junior Open