2016 Nepean Easter Junior Open

The start to the year is always difficult when it comes to competition at any level. I was adamant to see my junior players compete at 2016 Nepean Easter Junior Open because for me, this is where I can truly identify the areas where I need to place more emphasis on during their training sessions. We have put in months of hard work to compete in events just like this one and it is the ultimate test for my students and myself as a coach.

I was so happy to see the progression made by each of my students. Rahul Desai, He Chuan Tee and Su Ron Tee were all playing in their first tournaments of the year and I was impressed with their effort throughout the entire event. Rahul was able to capture the 14u doubles title and reach the 14u singles final. He Chuan played exceptional tennis, particularly against the 1st seed and Su Ron proved that she can match any player as long as she believes in her game.

As their coach, I look beyond their results and instead focus on every aspect that makes up their overall game, such as the tactical, physical, mental and emotional elements. I believe in ‘strategy’ and playing with purpose and an objective. In competition, this is where you can see just how well your training and instruction has prepared them for this moment. I’m so excited to continue working with these fine juniors and bringing out the best of themselves every day.

Take a look at their journey throughout the singles and doubles events here: 2016 14u Singles @Nepean Easter Junior Open + 2016 14u Doubles @Nepean Easter Junior Open + 2016 16u Singles @Nepean Easter Junior Open