A Tennis Federation’s Role

As a fomer Australian professional tennis player, I have wondered the exact same thing about TA (Tennis Australia) and it seems as though we are mirroring the LTA in many respects. I believe that every tennis federation has a duty to create a culture whereby anyone who wants to play tennis either socially, competitively, professionally or as a coach, should be able to receive information, guidance and support that is clear, without any bias or favouritism. Tennis is a sport for life which can take you across continents and we have to harness the potential of this game. If I were on the BOD for any tennis federation, those are some of the few points that I would address.


Naomi Cavaday - Straight Down The Line

So we face a new upheaval in the LTA and I can’t help but wonder how many times I will see this in my lifetime in tennis as I think this is already number 5 or 6. We have another new performance director coming in and what I want to know is will he take an extreme approach like so many before him or will he try to steady the ship with compromise and teamwork? I think it is about time for the latter as yo-yoing between the land of the entitled and the land of the abandoned is getting tiring.

The first regime I remember was everyone feeling entitled to extraordinary amounts of money. I remember kids not much better than me at 12 getting their flights, coaching and all expenses paid for. I may be sounding a tad bitter as I recount this but truly I’m not. I…

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