Does sleep alter sports performance? Here are the shocking, scientific facts.

The big game is a few days away and you can’t wait to get out there and compete. Everything is going well and you are in peak condition but, you are having inconsistent sleep patterns. What does this mean for your performance? This article below gives some insight into the science behind sleep and performance.


Is it healthful?

Short ‘n’ healthful article:

It’s 8PM.  You’re in bed because you’re playing in the grand final tomorrow and you want to be fresh. Fresh to death (FTD). Heck, it’s the biggest game of your athletic life!

Fast forward six hours and you guessed it, you’re still in bed; oh, and you’re still awake. Wide awake. Yes, you’re as giddy as Gordon Ramsay on his ninth coffee.  You worry and hope that this sleep deprivation won’t impair your performance tomorrow. Should you be worrying? Let’s see what the science has to say!


The science:

Yes, a recent review paper analysed the available data on the topic to date and found the following exciting findings – so, agh, maybe don’t read this if you’re about to go to sleep!

1. Decreased sleep was generally found to impair sports performance. Endurance sports performance was more effected than anaerobic (powerful) sports performance. This is…

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