What am I up to?

If you want a glimpse of what life is like as a tennis pro, then I suggest you read this article by ITF/WTA player Naomi Cavaday who is ranked within the top 400 in the world. The journey to the highest level is nothing what the public expect, particularly those who aren’t aware of the different levels of tennis, nonetheless it is what it is. All the best Naomi!


Naomi Cavaday - Straight Down The Line

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying Wimbledon, it has been such an enjoyable year… although I say that every year!  It is Men’s semi finals day, and for me the best moment of the tournament so far was seeing Azarenka back to her best.  She pushed Serena to play a level of tennis I have not seen before but it makes you feel like there is no ceiling to the level of tennis the number 1 can play.  However hard you push her she will figure out the level, find the level, step up and deliver.

That is the top end of the list… scroll down a bit and you will find me.  It has been a good but frustrating first half of the year for me. Interrupted by a bruised bone in my right wrist, which meant I only played 1 tournament in 2 months it has been…

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