Mary Pierce Indian Ocean Series

Mary Pierce has always been one of my favourite former champions of the WTA Tour. There is no one that can pull off the ‘tennis dress’ quite like Mary. That’s something I remember quite well when I grew up watching her perform. She was a great all court player with awesome footwork and played extremely well on all surfaces. I admired her very much.

A few days ago, I came across this information about a series of back-to-back ITF pro circuit events being sponsored by Mary herself, which are promoting tennis in the region of Africa. It’s so amazing to see her passion for the game go beyond being a competitor. Well done Mary!

Here is an excerpt from an article by Nick Fishpool for

The aim of the ‘Mary Pierce Indian Ocean Series’ is to promote women’s tennis and to generate future talents in the area.

“It gives a chance in this part of the world that is very close to Africa to players who don’t have a lot of means but have potential and don’t have the opportunity to play professional tournaments.”

Pierce, who has been living in Mauritius for the past 7-8 years, adds:

“I am very appreciative of Mauritian people and people from La Reunion who call the islands ‘sister islands’. There is a will to come together between people of the Indian Ocean and it’s why I decided to promote tennis regionally.”