Vegetables That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

For anyone who cares about a balanced and healthy diet, this is a great article which provides facts about some of our favourite ingredients.


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Conventional wisdom tells us to eat our vegetables along with fruit to maintain a healthy diet. But like anything else, all vegetables are not created equally as there are some vegetable myths about what is good for you. Consume these vegetables in moderation to remain healthy.


Although technically a tuber, potatoes are full of starch and do not have as much nutritional value as many other vegetables. Potatoes also have one of the highest levels of pesticide absorption, placing stress on the human nervous system and liver.


This somewhat sweet vegetable has several problems. It is one of the most common food allergens. Corn also has been subjected to considerable genetic engineering. GMO food products often result in major sensitivities along with hormonal changes and changes in the digestive system.

Bell Peppers

These seemingly innocent vegetables can contribute to inflammation. They contain the alkaloid solanine, which can disrupt…

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