Get a REAL life!

I come across so many people who don’t seem to understand the value of REAL experiences as opposed to a virtual experience.

We are living in the digital age and it’s important to understand the impact of social media and the internet. Having said that, there are positives and negatives which by now we are all aware of, but why should we sit idle and accept the circumstances? I for one, purposely limit the time I spend ‘browsing’ online, as it’s simply unproductive. It reminds me of window shopping at a department store when I don’t want to purchase anything. On the flip side, we have never been better connected with one another. Overseas relatives or friends who you may have never had contact with, are now just one tap away. In terms of business, it almost feels like we are living in borderless countries, giving us the ability to collaborate and unite like never before.

It’s all about moderation. There are no rules about how much time you invest in using your digital media devices. I play by my own rules. Let’s not forget that we are beings that cannot survive based on a virtual experience. We need REAL experiences, such as love, companionship, friendship, sadness, joy etc.

Opportunities may pass you by without you even recognising them, so set out some rules for yourself and be in the present. Get a REAL life!