Tennis Masterclass with Serena Williams

I haven’t read a truer statement than this. There are so many people that come in and out of your life who teach you something. If you have the mentality that there is always more to learn, than you will make the most out of any experience.

It’s not everyday that an athlete of Serena Williams’ calibre offers advice to an aspiring professional, or is willing to take the time to catalogue her own road to success (or I should say, greatness in this case).

She has never been afraid to set the tone and always pushing the boundaries, Serena Williams is offering her first ever master class is tennis! It’s a 10-part video series which covers a range of areas such as technique, mentality, tactics and movement. For such a small price, you gain unlimited access to this material which has been produced to a very high standard.

I highly recommend this master class, taught by one of the greatest and most charismatic champions of all time in Serena Williams (follow the link to the masterclass within Serena’s tweet).