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Such great tips for any athlete out there!


bojana bobusic

Want to get really specific about your training and running? What to improve your split times and recovery? Well, as promised at the start of the week, I’ve provided a few tips and gadgets below that I’ve found work for me and which I’ve been using on a consistent basis. Now, the below can apply to anyone and everyone, but you really have to find what works for you. Remember, what might work for some may not necessarily work for others!

1) Running Watch

Everyone in my running group has one! I felt so out of the loop the first day I joined my group but TRUST me you’ll want to get one of these! There’s a whole bunch of different brands out there (so again it’s your choice) but I chose the Garmin  Forerunner 10. It tracks distance, pace, calories, identifies personal records, has a virtual pacer that compares current pace to…

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