It’s All About Knowing When To Pull The Plug

I heard a very intelligent business woman once say “you’ve got to know when to pull the plug”. For some reason that statement resonated with me.

It should be said that any decision you make has to be based on the principle that you either see potential or you don’t. There is nothing worse than waiting for a miracle whilst other opportunities pass you by. It’s like not being able to board a moving train that carries all of your hopes and dreams aboard. It doesn’t wait for you. I learnt this lesson early on in my life and it is a very important one.

I have made mistakes, not taking an opportunity when perhaps I should have. One of those mistakes occurred quite recently. I reached a certain point where I had outgrown a particular environment and the people around me, but I didn’t make a move soon enough. I feel as though that was an error on my part. As a big fan of Oprah Winfrey, I will mention that when she began her own television network, there was a lot of negative criticism coming from many sources. Even Oprah Winfrey needed to use that important life lesson of knowing when to pull the plug (re The Oprah Winfrey Show and OWN). I personally thought she made the right decision, particularly if long-term success was her intention.

It’s important to take risks, even though not all of them will pay off. We only learn from experience.