No Conditions

It has been many years since I have paid close attention to my own diet and conditioning. Even though I wasn’t competing on the WTA tour, I didn’t break away from my routine and continued to be quite disciplined in my eating and fitness habits. It was like I was programmed as this finely tuned machine and the settings did not change even though my lifestyle did.

Then, one day, my attitude changed and I accepted my new lifestyle. All of a sudden, I lost the discipline that I had in the past. I would binge on chips and ice cream around midnight at least a few times in the week. It was quite interesting how quickly things changed. There was no way I could have gotten away with that when I was a competitive athlete. I must admit though, I have been quite fortunate to have built up muscle mass and core strength from about a decade of intense physical training so it wasn’t difficult to maintain my body weight, but my condition was questionable.

It may seem insignificant to others, to binge on chips and ice cream at midnight, but any person who has ever felt restricted for a long period of time would understand that it really is a significant change. This is a moment in my life when I am no longer confined to a specific regime or schedule. My actions are no longer being critiqued or assessed on a daily basis, and it feels great!