The Art of Communication

I often see many students with immense talent. They are gifted in so many ways, not just as athletes but also in academia. They may not be the most outspoken, but they have a quiet confidence about themselves which sets them apart from the rest.

These types of children constantly receive praise from various sources, whether it is family or friends. For example, you will hear things like “that child has so much potential” or “they will be so good one day”. They are told that they are special and so the child truly starts believing that they are. Is it fair on that child to build up such expectation? What do you think?

When I see a child with potential, I make a comment such as “yes, they are gifted, no doubt”, but that’s the most I will say. I don’t feel the necessity to be overly complimentary to a child. Any adult/parent/mentor/coach should know how to prepare any child to face the real world. There is a life beyond high school and so when that bubble bursts, your child needs to find their place in society and find it fast. The transition from childhood to adulthood does come by pretty quickly and with your guidance, it will be a smooth transition for them.

I am a professional coach and it is my duty to provide my students with accurate information. I have to be honest and genuine, or I would do these students a great injustice. There truly is an art to communication.