Music Is Powerful!

I have an eclectic taste when it comes to music. My interest in music began in my early teens. I was drawn towards music that had a message and had a good flow.

As a competitive athlete, working out was a part of my every day life. I felt like it was getting tedious from time to time, so I started to listen to music during my workout sessions. Was it possible for music to make working out a breeze? It certainly worked for me. I initially thought i’d get distracted, but it actually helped improve my performance during the sessions. I was much more focused and was able to build my heart rate up and lower my heart rate on queue. I used to find that difficult before I listened to music in my work outs.

When it came to cardio sessions, I would run to music which sounded similar from track-to-track. This was quite common with pop, electronica and dance tracks, so I formulated a playlist using those genres. I also experimented with my music selection during the post workout warm down. I’d move towards accoustic, jazz/soul tracks. Who said working out isn’t fun? 🙂

Here are a few links which provide more detail about finding the right BPM for your workout tracks.



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