Serena Williams Makes It 19 Championship Titles in Melbourne

I was inspired to become a professional athlete through many great sporting moments. The inspiration came from athletics, gynmastics, soccer and tennis. It was clear to me that if you wanted to become a champion in sport, you needed to become an athlete first.

The Australian Open in 2015 was an interesting event. In the women’s singles draw, there were so many top seeds upset early in the tournament, with many new faces coming through to the second week. However, it was the former champions who prevailed in reaching the final. Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are two of the biggest names in female sport and they were impressive. It was evident that these two players are competitors, putting everything on the line for a win. It was inspiring stuff and listening to their post match speeches makes their success even sweeter.

I believe that last night was one of the greatest moments in sport history and perhaps will inspire a young female to make her dreams come true.

Serena Williams Winners Speech

Maria Sharapova Runners Up Speech



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