Tennis Players and Global Fashion Brands

Tennis players are global sport brand ambassadors. Nike and Adidas have long been the two sports brands which are synonymous with tennis. Nike is well known for attracting the best of the best, such as Roger Federer, Tiger Woods or Arsenal FC. Adidas is no different, however it draws more attention as a brand due to their innovative designs, particularly with their Originals clothing line.

It’s wonderful to see champions like Serena Williams and Tomas Berdych as global ambassadors for fashion brands. I thought it was great to see another side of Serena Williams in the latest Australian TV ad for Berlei as well as Tomas Berdych lending his time for H&M in Melbourne by making an in-store appearance. Tennis players are now venturing into new territory, attracting a wider audience off court and that can only be a good thing for their own brand and the game of tennis.

Tomas Berdych for H&M

Serena Williams for Berlei