You Can Go Your Own Way

I came across a great article online posted on ‘FiveThirtyEight’. It’s a great read, as an article which discusses the reality and the truth behind the supposed glitz and glamour of the world of professional tennis.

I believe that these discussions are exactly what every sport needs, because communication between everyone involved is the key to the sports success. In my opinion, here are the main points mentioned in the article;

  1. Identifying that there are multiple governing bodies in the sport, and that better communication between them in all areas is vital.
  2. Players do care about the quality of the tennis courts they compete on and the facilities at professional tournaments.
  3. Potential rules and regulations being put in place for athletes who wish to compete in tournaments where they are ‘playing down’ i.e. from WTA/ATP to ITF level.

It is a no brainer, really. The continents which invest in hosting more tournaments and offer quality prize money are producing champions. Period.

As a former professional myself, I can tell you that all of the information in this article is accurate. However, if these statistics are used in future decision making at the board level, then I do firmly believe that the future of this sport is looking bright.