About Alison

Welcome to Alison Shemon’s official site!

I would like to begin by saying thank you for taking the time to learn more about myself and the game of tennis. My tennis journey started from very humble beginnings, with only one racquet, one ball and dreams of becoming a champion like my idols Martina Hingis and André Agassi.

I competed for Australia in various ITF junior tournaments and professional tournaments all over the world from 2004-2011. Some of my fondest memories come from the four consecutive tours of Europe I completed from 2007 to 2010, particularly club and local competition in the Netherlands in 2010. I obtained a top 700 and 500 WTA professional ranking in both singles and doubles respectively, however I decided it was time to pursue a new challenge in early 2011. Thereafter, I worked in a variety of roles and industries, all of which has assisted me to at present be coaching and mentoring players of all ages and standards, alongside full time work as an accountant.

Even though my competitive background is extensive, I am passionate about supporting and guiding future players to achieve their goals in this sport. This has lead to the creation of an online blog, giving me the ability to share my experiences and recommendations with others.

I hope you find my posts insightful and beneficial in some way. If so, you may want to subscribe to my mailing list and receive notification of any new blog posts via email. I can also be contacted via the contact form in the menu above if you wish to ask me any questions or would like to organise a consultation.

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